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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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ryan lochte's first interview about getting robbed at gunpoint. >> now on "extra." a night of partying ends in terror for ryan swimmer held up with a gun to his head. >> he cobbinged it, put it to my foreh forehead, said get down. >> how ryan and his teammates got out alive. deniro versus the donald. why the oscar winner is comparing trump to one of his most famous roles. >> what he has been saying is totally crazy. hot couples news, kevin hart hitched this weekend. first photos today. who made the bride's custom
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>> did selena gomez really just accuse justin bieber of cheating on her? how are you getting on with changing diapers again? >> i don't change diaper. >> you don't? >> that's not fair to the child. >> his tear jerker new movie to his modern family. >> it's a love fest. new girl on tonight's bachelor in paradise and here comes trouble. plus, mario is with mark >> people always say they love me in the bourn identity and i say thank you. bourn identity 4 this summer. now from "extra," from hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. eddie murphy is back on the big screen after four years. the big question, will beverly hills cop 4 happen? mario, also coming up,
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the rails. a new scene that will have everyone talking tomorrow. a night of partying at the olympics turns into a nightmare with ryan lochte robbed with a gun pointed at his head. >> the security scare shaking up the olympics, the gold medal swimmer speaking out. >> he took my money, my wallet. >> on the "today" show, describing the terrifying encounter. stopped by armed robbers they thought were the cops. >> these guys came out with a badge. police badge.pno lights, no not. just police badge and the guy pulled out his gun. he cobbincocked it, put it to m forehead. said get down. >> authorities now investigating. lochte, sitting down with "extra" hours before the incident to talk about his
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i definitely want to come back. there's more goals that i want to accomplish. >> swimming's bad boy, posing for this pick with matthew mcconaughey and joking about his now famous dye job. >> i still, to this day, do not know what color it is. >> but he says he does know this about fellow swimmer michael phelps. >> he says he's done. but he said that in 2012. and i was the only one that said he's going to come back. so i can definitely see him coming and this time i mean it. >> the most decorated olympian of all time worth an estimated $55 million, insisting to matt lauer today he's ready to retire to spend daddy time with new son, boomer. >> this is the part of my life where i get to start this whole new chapter, building a family withny old. >> "extra" uncovering this, tennis star serena williams
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no, that's not leo dicaprio, but his olympic look alike, 27-year-old arizona native leaving rio with one bronze and one silver medal. now let's send it up to a.j. in new york. what have you got? >> carissa, robert deniro is usually pretty soft spoken. now he's going off on donald trump. >> >> what he's saying has been totally crazy, ridiculous stuff which he shouldn't be even -- >> yeah. >> the legendary oscar winner unloading on the gop nominee, comparing his iconic crazy taxi driver character. >> you talkin' to me? >> to the donald. >> wow! >> one of the things, to me, was just the irony of at the end
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and celebrates it. people like donald trump who are even -- totally shouldn't be where he is. god help us. >> say hello to mr. and mrs. kevin hart. the couple tied the knot this weekend in santa barbara. >> hey, thanks. >> kevin's wife, long-time love, snap chatting from the reception, complete with ferris wheel. the bride wore two custom vera wang gowns, one for the ceremony, one for the reception. kevin's son, hendrix, was the best man. kevin telling us he definitely did not plan the i dos. >> khloe kardashian, dwyane wade and ludicris among the celebrity guests. selena gomez accusing justin bieber from cheating on her.
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heat over lionel ritchie's 17-year-old girlfriend. secelse selena saying if you can't take the heat quit posting pictures of your girlfriend. someone photo shopped those gone viral comments to start a war of the exes. new video. adele setting straight about some baby gossip. the syringe also revealing at her l.a. concert she's not doing the next super bowl half time show. >> i mean, come on. that show is not about music and i don't dance or anything like that. >> the nfl has denied she was officially asked to perform. it's been four years, believe it or not, since eddie murphy has been anyway new movie. his next one is showing off the dramatic side of eddie.
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church and sitting down with us for an interview. >> this is eddie murphy, getting surprisingly honest. >> i've done my share of [ bleep ] movies i don't want to do. >> mr. church, the legendary comedian who pulled in nearly $1 million for "beverly hills cop" franchise as axel foley, said he's not i don't want to do it unless it's right, take a big, long break, then come back with a [ bleep ] movie after you was on vacation. >> you came back with a good one. >> i came back with a good one. but i don't want to, you know, come back and like, here i am, with some [ bleep ]. >> eddie, returning to the big screen in his first leading role in four years for the drama "mr. church." >> charlotte, my name is mr. church. >> playing a compassionate cook,
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girl and her dying mother. >> do you have a place to stay? >> she lives with me. >> what was the appeal for you? >> to do something that i hadn't done before was totally unchartered waters for me as an actor. >> off screen, the 55-year-old welcoming the newest addition to his family. >> how is baby izzy doing? >> wonderful. >> 3 months already, right? >> sleeping through the night. >> oh, wow! how are you going on with changing >> you don't? >> no, because i would be horrible at it and that's not fair to the child. >> the father of nine still proving he's a great dad, coming together with his ex, nicole, to support his daughter, bria. >> everybody is cool with each other. there's big love all the way around. everybody gets along. >> love everywhere. >> love fest at the house. >> will "mr. church" be a love fest too?
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back with bikinis, booze, backstabbing. >> evan is back from "the bachelorette" who may have the most unusual title ever, erect aisle dysfunction specialist. i hear that job is hard. >> that's a new one. wonder how much it pays. >> right? >> here is a sneak peek. >> bikinis, backstabbing and beyond ugly cry. >> everybody always gets what >> one of the twins breaking down in tears, evan trying to take down josh and steal away his girl, amanda. >> that's horrible physical abuse claims. >> evan was bringing up the fictional story that my ex has written about me. >> fighting back and fighting evan on the beach. >> i would appreciate if you had come to me and talked to me about it. >> this is going to come out one way or another. right? >> new drama?
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>> kayla. >> if she asks him out on a date, i may have to slap [ bleep ]. >> stay away from grant because he's hooking up with lace. >> i just told you i love you. >> search for love on "bachelor in paradise," seduction, dates, and, of course, tears. >> why you make me cry? >> tonight and tomorrow on abc. up next, your first l brad pitt going on "mr. & mrs. smith." >> what are you doing? >> testing you. >> sneak peek at "ally." only mark wahlberg could turn a round of golf into an insane action hero workout. >> i hit the ball and run to the next shot. plus this is what 44 looks like if you're sofia vergara. >> you look extremely beautiful. >> thank you. >> you do.
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every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena? makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. coming up, a sneak peek at
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all right. now, let's get you caught up on all the stories everyone is talking about today. >> it's tonight's "extra extra." brad pitt and angelina joely
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hollywood radar. now brad is back. >> what are you doing? >> testing you. >> his romantic new thriller "all ied." >> they're watching us. now kiss me. >> true story about two assassins who fall in love during a mission sizzles on to the big screen in november. brangelina hopefully stepping out together long before that. matthew mcconaughey locked lips with his wife in rio. now he's locked down with his the two revealing who they look up to in the issue due out now. matthew, his mother. and charlize, her mother, gerta. >> she paid me real attention and never lied to me ever. delila bell breaking into hollywood. lisa showing the world the shots on instagram.
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convenience store. cute kids and ping pong smackdown for a great cause. mario hit the tennis tables to battle it out for dodger pitcher clayton kershaw's annual tournament. >> how excited are we to be here at dodger's stadium, playing ping pong? >> susan sar an done, derek hough, all raising money. >> clayton's pregnant wife by lopez family out to support mario and his partner, adrian gonzalez. biggest star at the stadium? mario's son, dominic, who landed on the jumbo tron for his first-ever dodger game with dad and grandpa. >> i dare you to find anybody busier in hollywood than my boy, mark wahlberg. along with starring some big blockbuster movies, including transformers. i managed to slow him down long
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hollywood's busiest moguls, starring in "deep water horizon." >> that was mazing. >> and up coming "transformers," the last night with anthony hop kin. >> looking forward to working with him. >> super busy father of four working out like crazy. >> i worked out at 4:00 this morning, teed off at 6:15. i ran the whole golf course. hit the ball and ran to the next shot. rope, bag, afternoon. fan story to me even after decades in the spotlight, he and superstar matt damon deal with a funny case of mistaken identity. >> they always say they love me in "the bourne identity" and i say thank you. >> no, they don't. are you serious? >> yeah, and matt always gets it all the time. >> really? >> yeah, i loved you in "ted" or one of these stories i've done. i never correct anybody. just said thank you very much.
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4" this summer. check it out. >> you can check out mark, not matt, co-starring alongside kate hudson in the disaster thriller deep water horizon, based on the true story of the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> it's really inspiring. >> more people are going to die. >> excited about the new tv series version he is executive producing taking over the bobby lee swagger role. >> >> you can catch "shooters" on usa this fall. sofia vergara, revealing her confessions. >> the weekend is my weekend. >> which of her "modern family" co-stars is her new perfume line guinea pig? >> has, for some reason, a very good nose. plus get fit, stay fashionable, how you can get the styles gigi kendall and bella
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next extra, cooper's new
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so, who needs to wait till thursday for a great throwback picture, right? sofia vergara post this had on instagram from the '80s when she was just 13. >> adorable. while she may not be a teenager anymore, she certainly has aged well. she just told to looking that good at 44. time to raise those #agegoals. >> you do look extremely -- you do. >> it's been a life of work, you know. >> because sofia vergara is hitting all of them at 44. >> it's just taking care of myself my whole life. i've never smoked. i always drink but in moderation. i always try to sleep, use sunblock since i was young. >> it's paid off. sofia simply stunning and sexy
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her italian theme birthday bash. >> happy birthday, mom, i can't believe you're turning -- >> celebrating, confessing her love affair with cake means you must make sacrifices. >> it's a reality that you do have to work out when i can, i try to eat healthy from monday through friday. the weekends, i love entertaining at home for people to come and have tea and testing of food and everything. >> sofia using her "modern family" co-star to test out her new purr >> for some weird reason, erica has a very good nose for perfume. i always use him a lot. i don't say anything to him and see what he reacts to. i think it's important that it's a perfume that women and men are attracted to. >> do you remember your first experience with perfume? >> no, because in columbia, we wear baby colon. i do remember diamonds by
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you know, it was so glamorous. that was one thing that i always remember. >> now you've done it. what's next for you? >> i haven't been able to do another movie for like two years. hopefully next year i'm going to do something that i wanted to do for a long time. >> sofia, never slowing down, always looking this good doing it. well, no matter if you're in a spin class, yoga, pilates, one thing every star needs is slick, new workout gear. you know i know tt. we're not at work. we're checking out a new celeb favorite brand. >> gigi kendall and bella fit and fashion forward. >> active fashion our girl is active. >> these "it" girls work out in the summer's hottest trend. >> leggings and crop tops that you could easily wear with sneakers as you could with stillettos. >> the celeb favorite place to shop the style?
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here. lena dunham and gwenyth paltrow have shopped here. >> finding must-have print legg leggings, pops of neon, perfect sports bra and straight off the runway styles. >> designer collaboration with the little black dress for the gym, cutouts in the legging are seen in everything they do on the runway. this legging is super high performance. you can weart top does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena? makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that?
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today's "extra." head over to for the latest entertainment news. see you tomorrow. next "extra" -- bradley cooper's summer sizzling hot. all new confessions from globe trotting with irina to producing and starring in "war dogs" next
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tarhonda here with you on this tuesday morning. marty's here's that


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